Land freight transportation is one of our specialties at ADJ Taylor. We offer this service throughout national and European territory. We are able to transport your merchandise to any point with total security and speed.

Our goal is to always provide the best service to our customers, both in quality, and in terms of delivery, so that the merchandise arrives at the destination in the best possible condition. We carry out all types of road transfers, both in national and international transport. From parcel to heavy machinery or very bulky goods.

Trucks adapted to transport regulations

We have vehicles and trucks fully adapted for all needs and regulations. All pass periodic reviews to ensure that they comply with all current regulations. Our drivers are trained and qualified to provide any type of freight transport. This allows us security and the perfect state of our loads, turning any type of need on the part of the client into a solution that meets their circumstances.

Our experience in the sector have allowed our road freight transport business model to be highly valued and respected abroad. This type of transfer is the means most used by companies for the transport of loads.

In ADJ Taylor we want to adapt more to our customers because we understand the importance of the merchandise arriving in time and in the best condition. We offer:

●Advice and personalised service.

●Organization of national and international land transport.

● Processing of documents required for transport

● Service 24 hours, 365 days a year.

● Very competitive rates

● Transportation within foreign trade regulations.

● Integral logistics and management.

Ground Transportation by Rail

With our rail freight transport service, we can transport the goods through conventional or combined transport.

Conventional transport. The merchandise is loaded directly into the car. This solution is ideal for transporting your raw material supplies and transporting vehicles that leave the factory.

Combined transport. The goods are loaded in an Intermodal Transportation Unit (ITU). We combine different modes of transport: sea + rail and road + rail.

Contact us. We offer a quality ground transportation service. At ADJ Taylor we adapt to the needs of your merchandise.