At ADJ Taylor we offer a complete shipping service, we have several containers for these types of transfer. We perform both import and export services to and from any possible destination. This type of transport is the most comfortable way to carry large quantities of goods abroad.

We provide an  adequate cargo shipping service according to your needs, helping you in all procedures and always evaluating each and every one of the options for the transfer. We constantly monitor the merchandise during all international shipping.

We have great experience in maritime logistics, which allows us to offer quality services for your imports and exports and we also handle the necessary documentation for transportation. We also have extensive experience in large volume loads, heavy and oversized machinery. We have various different types of shipping containers.

If you decide on shipping for your merchandise, you should know that you have two freight options:

  • Full container. You will have available all the container space for your merchandise. We take care that this container arrives at its destination as soon as possible, without any loss or damage.
  • Shared container or LCL sea grouping. Send your cargo without having to fill a container. It will be a better price, but it will travel with different merchandise from several suppliers. This service has a lower price, but the transfer time is longer than the full container.

How much does sea freight transport cost?

The price of maritime freight transport depends on the type of services you need:

● Type of container and its dimensions

● Transit time

● Type of load

● Load weight

● Load dimensions

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RO-RO service

We also have the RO-RO service. We transport any road cargo, whether cars, trucks or rolling machinery. We take care of transportation from the port of departure to the destination. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of this type of freight with which we work, they have ramps built on the ship itself or fixed on the ground so that the load on wheels is much easier to transport.

Contact us and we can help you choose the type of container you can use according to the volume and material you want to transport. We operate in the main seaports around the world, offering a quality maritime transport service. We optimize the time and cost of transport. We adapt to the needs of your company.

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