If you need to move large, perishable or dangerous goods such as harmful materials or chemicals, from one site to another, we have the solution. ADJ are experts in this service.

We transport all kinds of large goods: Trees, tarpaulins or tubes, industrial vehicles, construction machinery, tractors and trailers. These types of cargo are higher than 16.5 meters  and 2.5 meters wide.

Machinery transport

We carry out all types of transportation of construction machinery. Excavators, concrete pumps, articulated and rigid dumpers, generator sets, compressors, track loaders, wheel loaders, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, loader shovels, etc. We disassemble and assemble oversized plants and machinery to make transportation possible and reduce costs.

We also transport agricultural vehicles or machinery to the place you want. Just tell us the starting point and the place you want us to take it.

The transport of special goods by road is always complicated because weather conditions can  make it very difficult. Therefore, for this type of transfer you must have a company with experience in the sector such as ADJ Taylor.

We have trucks fully adapted for all needs and regulations to ensure there is no problem with the transfer. We also have expert drivers who ensure efficient driving to avoid damage to the merchandise.

Due to the risk of this type of transport, all  personnel working on the transfer understand perfectly the type of handling and safety conditions which must be applied to avoid accidents.

In this type of transfer it is essential to know the load and secure it when putting it in the truck where the transport will be carried out. The merchandise must be well fixed and secure.

Full special transport service

At ADJ Taylor we choose the option of transport, between sea, air or road for the transportation of machinery according to your needs and destination, thanks to our agreements with main shipping companies and ro-ro boats for rolling transport.

To transport special merchandise, special authorization is required. This permit is granted by the department of the municipality responsible for road safety. At ADJ Taylor we handle these types of authorizations for the transfer of  merchandise, so there is no need for you to worry.

At our company we offer special machinery transport services based on our experience and results endorsed by our customers. We adapt to your project.